Chocolate cupcakes for Birthday Boy

I received my first birthday cupcake order for an adorable 3 year old kid. My colleague wanted to give a wonderful birthday celebration for her son and she ordered 18 pieces of chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting. I decided to top the cupcakes with 3 pieces of m & m’s each  to symbolise “3”. Photos […]

Cupcakes to celebrate love part 2

Finally, I have the time to update my blog. As I mentioned earlier, here are the pictures from another lovely lady who bought red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting to celebrate her husband’s  birthday..hehehe.. 😉 Enjoy the lovely photos….

Cupcakes to celebrate love Part 1

I have been receiving orders from lovely ladies to celebrate their love for their husbands. The vanilla cupcakes with 2 toned vanilla butter cream below was ordered by my sister’s friend who used to be my Computing lecturer for her wedding anniversary as a surprise for her husband. There she is posing with the cupcakes. […]

Cupcake orders Feb – Mar 2013

Last Thursday I bumped into my colleague at the Taylor’s University Book Fair. I was browsing through the cupcake books and she was surprised to see how interested I was with the book. Then I told her that I love to bake and I asked her to check out my blog. She viewed my posts […]

Strawberry filled cupcakes

Siapa suka strawberry jam dengan cupcake?? Saya!! So, I tried making cupcake yang intinya strawberry jam. Lepas tu, I share cupcakes ni dengan my friends sempena shop-warming..Maklumlah, perniagaan diorang dah semakin berkembang sekarang ni dan diorang baru je pindah ke kedai yang jauh lebih besar dari dulu. Semua orang kalau dapat cupcake, mesti macam budak-budak kan?…hehehe […]

Red velvet minis

Since ada extra cream cheese frostings from the first round of red velvet cupcakes, last Thursday I buat lagi cupcakes and this time, I made cupcake minis. I bawak ke ofis and share dengan my colleagues. Yang pasti, I akan bawa lebih banyak cupcakes to office in the future sebab my colleagues really enjoyed them. […]

Red Velvet Cupcakes for Chinese New Year!!

Semuanya bermula dengan cuti panjang sempena Tahun Baru Cina dan kebosanan yang melampau sebab takde plan bercuti ke mana-mana. Macam mana nak travel?? Semua tiket mahal, semua jalan highway sesak, so the best thing to do is to stay home. Tapi tengok tv pun boring sebab takde citer best. Jadi, apalagi…Baking lah jawabnya…Bila type kat Google, […]