Cupcakes for my love

I haven’t been updating this blog in the longest time. A lot has happened but nevertheless, I never stopped baking completely.

In fact, I have been baking for my sweetheart. I have been very busy with work but when my boss gave me a box of strawberries, I just had to bake strawberry cupcakes since the strawberries were very sour.

So, I pureed the strawberries, cook them with sugar and mix them into my normal plain cupcake mix and the result? Scrumptious cupcakes 🙂

I managed to bake and gave some to my brother in law and he enjoyed them very much. I asked my sweetheart to drop by my house to collect some cupcakes. There will be cupcakes to come for my loved ones.

Enjoy the pictures below.

Ps: I just realised how awesome my brother in law is. He actually cares about my interest in Hello Kitty that he bought me those figurines from Japan and he helped me to arrange them for my cupcakes display. I’m happy that I have a brother who genuinely cares about me. I pray that his marriage with my sister will last forever. Amin.






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